Now just two pairs of gloves are enough for the year's challenges.

Two new and versatile high-quality work gloves are heading for our range. Guide 5001 is a pair of strong and hard-wearing gloves, which keep your hands aired and cool while you're working. They have a snug fit and have been reinforced in often exposed areas to last longer.

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Guide 5002 is designed to protect against wind and water during work outdoors. The gloves are water-repellent and have a warm and smooth fleece lining. The smart design means that they provide outstanding grip and fingertip sensitivity.

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A range of gloves that really challenge leather gloves

Last year’s news, Guide 766 received a fantastic reception. We have now fashioned an entire range with the same affordable, durable palm material. The models are Guide 767, Guide 768 and Guide 769W.

Unlike leather gloves, here we have a material that can withstand getting wet, and can even be machine-washed. The lined palm helps to keep water and dust at bay. Invaluable in most cases!

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Guide 5145W – the thin waterproof glove

The glove that keeps hands dry, with finger dexterity intact. Gudie 5145W is a thin, pliable and waterproof glove. Premium material for comfort and long durability.


Guide 346 - a thin leather glove with highest level of cut protection.

Outer shell material in heat resistant materials that also withstands light sparking.


Guide 366 – soft and flexible sleeve with cut protection

More people protect their hands from cuts from sharp objects. With new, modern materials, it´s now possible to combine cut protection with flexibility. Based on this technology, Guide now launches an arm protection with focus on flexibility and simplicity. Guide 366 has generous and adjustable width, and is made of soft and airy material.


Guide 58 ESD- Updated glove for today´s industry demands.

Components used in electronics industry are becoming increasingly sensitive and the treshold of 100V in the ESD standard for the back of the hand material is not allways enough. New Guide 58 ESD is an updated version, where the potential has been reduced to 30V, to meet current demands.


Surf with work gloves on!

Answer the phone, use the touchscreen at work and surf with work gloves on!
Take a look at the new film from Guide with touch gloves. Starring: Guide 587.


Guide 766

Modern working gloves are made of synthetic leather. With cotton on back of hand it is also suitable for light welding and grinding. The open cuff and loose fit makes it airy and easy-on-off. Synthetic PU keeps dirt and moist outside.


This site is now customized for your mobile and tablet

The use of mobile phones and tablets is increasing rapidly and therefore we have adapted Guides website to make it easier to navigate the site on mobiles and tablets. has long been a very popular tool. We have listened to the market and adapted our search engine to make it logical and easy to find the right glove based on the needs you have. Another important feature is that you can search out your glove based on flexibility and durability, which are functions that are highly demanded. Take a look around on your mobile or tablet!


Guide 162, 163. Waterproof innovation for protective gloves.

It's now possible to have a soft and flexible glove that allows hands to move freely, with added dirt and moisture protection. The traditional method of coating the glove on the inside gives good protection against wear in the grip, but dirt and moisture easily penetrate the sides of the finger and the upper layer.

We have discovered a new way to prevent this, without the gloves losing any flexibility.

By coating around the fingers, but not down over the knuckles, you gain in protection without loosing the material's stretch, as has been the case hitherto with gloves that are either coated over the knuckles or all the way over.
Guide is launching two models with extended finger coating on some well-tested favourites.

Guide 162 in soft and flexible latex, perfect for spring outdoor work, and Guide 163 in oil resistant nitrile, suitable for industrial use.

A very thin cut protection glove - Guide 308

When you can't drop the need for cut protection or fingertip sensation, Guide 308 is the only glove that will do the job. It is both thin and durable, and has a good grip that protects against dirt and liquids.
There has been a demand for such a thin cut protection glove for a long time.
It is usually difficult to find the right glove for tasks requiring the best fingertip sensitivity combined with the best protection.
We have tested Guide 308 with sheet-metal workers in the metal industry, and received a lot of positive feedback.  For both groups the most important thing is to have full control over the fingers, maybe to the extent of the glove feeling in the way, which then gets removed. 
Protection products work best when they are used, and this is where Guide 308 succeeds better than anything else we've seen. This type of glove is the glove of the future. It ought to replace many existing models, but above all, there is a group of users that previously have not found the right item. Here comes the glove that's thin enough for everybody.


Protective and soft
This cut protection glove, that keeps its shape, is unique in its versatile design.  The choice of material allows the glove to be thin and soft, but durable at the same time. The PU dipping protects against dirt and liquids, and gives a good grip.


Suitable for work where there is a risk for cutting injuries.


Materials and details
Design - seamless knitted 15 Gauge Material - glass-reinforced HDPE Dipping - half-dipped PU