We are craftsmen with fingerspitzengefühl that work
with your hands and our ears.


Does that sound strange. But it's not. There is only one person who really
knows what is needed to feel good at work. And that’s you.
Consequently, there is only one way for us to make good gloves for you.
It is to listen to you. It’s so simple, yet difficult.


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We all have our own skill set. Our expertise is your hands. To make them feel good. To get them to be healthy, whole and feel just as good even after a full day at work. This is our domain. That's all we do, all day long.


In many ways our work is a pure craft. We know the importance of choosing the glove material. The exactness required to ensure seams are positioned correctly. They must be versatile, comfortable and hard wearing. You only know this if you have developed gloves over a long period. We have done this for over 30 years now and have listened to our users all the time.


What is your workday like? Is it a flood of tacks? Do you fit tiny screws? Do you need to work outdoors in -20° or weld at 1200° indoors? Are heavy rocks or volatile liquids a part of your life? Every job is different. All hands are different. But we try to meet all the requirements that you as a user impose on us by always being on the leading edge through our development.


We continue the development work all the time. New materials, manufacturing techniques and increased knowledge continually move us forward. There is only one objective. Quite simply for you to have it good and fun at work.