Heavy work outdoors

A pair of strong, hard wearing and thick leather gloves is the perfect answer if you must perform heavy outdoor work, whether it is dry and warm. LEATHER WORKS WELL


Woodwork, building and carrying

Do you have a job where one moment you are handling a nail gun or screwdriver, and the next carrying planks or bricks? You then need a pair of gloves that has both a certain thickness, but also a suppleness and compliance. A coarser synthetic glove may be suitable. Yet if you prefer leather, then there are now versatile and lightweight leather gloves that have exactly the same functionality. LEATHER OR SYNTHETIC IS OUR ANSWER.


Woodwork and finesse

Here there is only one choice. Today’s modern, seamless knitted gloves, in a compliant, comfy materials with thin coatings that provide good wear resistance fit the bill. An unbeatable combination of grip, feel and comfort. SYNTHETIC IS THE ONE


Heavy work with finesse

If you are laying slabs or working with other heavy objects that still require a degree of finesse, something that can withstand a beating is the ideal choice. Leather is a natural material that has been used as long as mankind has existed. Of course there are synthetic materials that wear well too. But leather is leather. And a really good pair of leather gloves that fit really well is an extremely tough opponent. LEATHER DOES THE JOB.

Winter, cold and wet

When our old friend Jack Frost comes to town you have to keep warm. If it were just a question of the cold that would be one thing. But we have just as much moisture. A pair of leather gloves would easily become rigid, cold and wet. We borrow techniques from the world of sport and construct a 3-layer glove with an outer glove, a lining and in between a membrane that makes the glove completely waterproof and windproof, yet still allows your hand to breathe. SYNTHETIC IS THE BEST CHOICE.


Precision mechanics and meticulousness

Modern industry imposes higher demands on all aspects of production. Cleanliness, precision and accuracy. With super-thin gloves, which weigh no more than a lady's stocking, you'll notice the difference. You maintain mobility and sensitivity, yet have a better grip on small parts, you keep your hands clean and protect them from injury. SYNTHETIC IS THE ANSWER.


Oil and dirty environments

If the work environment is oily, dirty or contains a lot of chemical substances, then it is a pair of synthetic gloves with a coating that must be worn. Ensure that the gloves meet the requirements you demand of them. That they give the right grip, right protection and that they facilitate your work. WE SAY SYNTHETIC.


Welding and heating

It’s now the turn of work where the temperature is high, and where leather is still slightly ahead of synthetic materials. We therefore recommend good, heavy leather gloves. LEATHER IS HOT.