Key to symbols

Easier to find the right
function for your needs.

Winter lined

Gloves to keep you warm and comfortable even when the mercury has crept down far below zero.

Cut protection

Gloves where safety is crucial. Available on different levels, but all gloves are at least approved according to the standard EN388.

Water resistant

For damp and rainy days, or jobs where you might get wet, but not constantly working in a damp environment.


Gloves that protect against moisture and humidity to 100%. Keeps the hands dry even when working in extremely wet situations.


Clearer labelling also in the shop

Some things are more important than others when selecting gloves. Following interviews with a number of users, it was evident that two of the most important information requirements were: Durability and Versatility. Therefore, we have added simple illustrations to the shop shelf showing how durable and versatile each individual glove is. Simple, and smart.


Size does really matter

When selecting gloves in particular it is essential to choose the right pair. A poor fit will not only mean your performance is worse. You may also not be fully protected, and the risk of chafing and injury increases. We mark each glove in the shop. Most gloves are available in sizes 7-11 (But there are also sizes 5, 6 and 12, 13).

One size does not fit all!