Guide CPN
a revolutionary solution to familiar problems



When we combine our recognized outstanding working gloves with a true engineering spirit, a revolution in hand protection is created, which we call Guide C.P.N – Cut, Puncture, Needle.

Guide CPN is the range that provides the solution to old familiar problems where the risk of cuts, puncturing by sharp objects and even hypodermic needle are present.

The solution comes in the form of a material called Alycore, a smooth, ultra-thin metal mesh, which when placed layer upon layer in our gloves gives a unique level of protection. And probably best of all, the unique protection in combination with suppleness and flexibility that allows you to work in gloves the whole day, with the right touch and the right grip.

CPN - a range we are very proud of, and that actually delivers on our promise: Guide – The right gloves.



Watch the demonstration video