Leather glove for police and security

Guide 6203 CPN – The strike force glove

A Cut, Puncture and Needle protected glove in soft leather for an extra safe grip. The Alycore technology on the palm and over the fingertips protects from needles and sharp objects. The design is discrete and the glove is adapted for searching and similar situations where retained fingertip sensitivity is important, and where there is a significant risk for hand injury.

  • 4 layers of Alycore in the palm.
  • 2 layers of Alycore on the inside of the fingers,
    over the fingertips and on top of the fingertips.
  • Discrete black leather glove.
  • Good grip.


Typical applications:

The glove is suitable for police, customs, security and correction facility use, where there is a risk of puncture and cut injuries.


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Cut, puncture, and needle protection Alycore technology as illustrated, 4/2 layers Palm Leather Reinforcements Leather fingertips and thumb grip Back Spandex Knuckle protection Neoprene Lining Fleece Finger sides Leather Back of the thumb Towelling