Water resistant glove with extra protection

Guide 6325 CPN - Extra cut protection, impact

Water resistant glove with extra protection. A versatile, seamless glove with cut, puncture and needle protection as well as extra impact absorption on the back of the hand and fingers. The Alycore technology on the palm and over the fingertips protects from needles and sharp objects. The glove also features cut protection on the back of the hand which is knitted in fibres at cut protection level 5. The PU dipping makes the glove waterproof on the palm and over the fingertips. The back also has impact absorption reinforcements.

  • 4 layers of Alycore in the palm.
  • 2 layers of Alycore on the inside of the fingers, over the fingertips and on top of the fingertips.
  • Cut protection fibre level 5 in the knit, i.e. all round.
  • Extra reinforcement in the back of the hand.
  • Half-dipped in PU.
  • Spark-resistant material.


Typical applications:

This all-round glove provides the right level of protection where there is risk of both impact, cut and puncture injury. Suitable for industry, refuse handling, recycling, construction and craftsmen use.


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Cut, puncture, and needle protection Alycore technology as illustrated, 4/2 layers Knit Seamless Material HDPE cut protection yarn level 5 Lining Half-lined in cotton Dipping Watertight PU Knuckle guard Impact absorbent material on the back of the hand and fingers